Carolina Holster’s Emergency fishing kit

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MREs are great but they can’t last forever and they take up valuable space! Plus, ounces equal pounds…. You know the rest. These Carolina Holsters Brand Emergency Fishing Kits are perfect for the bug out back, truck, or will even fit in your pocket! The kit includes enough supplies to catch your own food. Hooks, line, weight, and even a couple lures. The fishing line could also be used to make snares for small game! We also included a p-38 can opener and waterproof matches.

Contained in the small tin you will find:

1x box of 40 waterproof matches

1x utility blade

1x p-38 can opener

1x spool of 12lb monofilament fishing line (approx. 40 feet)

1x spool of 40lb braided fishing line (approx. 40 feet)

6x twirl tail grubs (2 different colors/sizes)

4x size 4 hooks

5x size 8 hooks

5x size 10 hooks

5x split shot weights

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