Our standard cleaning consists of cleaning out minor to everyday use dust grim and carbon build up. We do our best to make your gun look as good as when you first purchased it using standard cleaning methods as well as sonic cleaning. If your firearm has extensive carbon and rust build up, we will call and recommend a deeper cleaning which will just be more time intensive and require more labor.

Standard Cleaning: 20$

Extensive Cleaning: 85$/hr

Our gunsmithing consists of Installing any hardware or parts you have purchased out of store for your gun, diagnosing malfunctions, and repairs.

Gunsmithing has a 20$ minimum and for time and labor intensive tasks 85$/hr.

For FFL Transfer information Email us at

Transfers are 20$, and each one after is 10$, you will also be charged 5$ for a background check


If you didn’t pay taxes on the firearm from company you purchased it, you will pay the taxes upon pick up.

Our Concealed License instructor Mike is one the only instructors in South Florida that has been in a Self Defense Shooting. Our Concealed Classes are 60$, 30$ with the purchase of a concealed firearm, and are on the first Sunday of every month. We also offer Private concealed classes for 150$ and 50$ each additional person. Our instructor also offers Private lessons for 85$. Mike also goes into weapon malfunctions, and the aftermath of a shooting during his concealed class.

We can engrave about anything you’d like, guns, mags, frames, holsters, and more.

Gun engraving price starts at 65$, if you come up with a custom design with our artist he will determine a price from there depending on time and difficulty.

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