We Kick Brass is a family run and operated company. We started in 2020 due to the COVID Pandemic, started by Dawn Perez. At the time, one of her 6 children was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was undergoing chemo therapy. For those that don’t know, undergoing chemo therapy reduces your white blood cell count which puts your immune system at risk. Dawn had to think fast and provide a way to provide for her family without putting her child at risk.

Mrs. Perez had a love for firearms and more importantly loved teaching and empowering women. Due to the price gouging, she came up with the idea to sell affordable products during the difficult times the world was facing with COVID-19. In a small apartment, she created a website and started selling ammunition and accessories online. The family would all pitch in, packing boxes and shipping them out. The entire living room was taken over. Thanks to the love and support of our customer, we grew quickly and needed a warehouse. Once we found a warehouse, we were able to offer local pickups. We found ourselves setting up a small display in a 200sqft area so our customers can hang out and shop with us. Eventually the demand for a store front was much needed. The Village of Wellington invited us to be the first gun store in the area. We were able to find something just in the out skirts of Wellington. 

Our Brassholes were excited for our next adventure and so were we! Now we are a staple in the area and in the running for the top gun store in Palm Beach. Even though we have grown rapidly, we still want every customer to have the mom and pop experience. 

Dawn’s beliefs were that people should have access to affordable guns and ammunition. When the ammunition shortage started, We Kick Brass was the only company to provide target or self defense ammunition with EVERY firearm sale, because we believe a gun is just a paperweight without the ability to use it. 

We continue to bring affordable ammunition and guns to market and make ammunition as affordable as possible.

The team has now grown and if you account for her 6 kids whom love to jump in and help picking and packing, we have quite a LARGE team! We will continue to grow to serve YOU! 

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